Curriculum Leader:  Johanna Chambers

Graduating class of 2018

​Student Council
Nutrition Program
​Community Kitchen
Bike Maintenance

Special Events
Equity Week
Mock Trials
Milton Velodrome
Joyride 150 BMX Bike Park
Toronto Islands
Subway II Rides - cross-curricular focus on bicycles and sustainable transportation
Bike Month - City of Toronto Group Commute
World Press Photo Exhibition
Hot Docs Festival
Gentrification Walk
City Council Observation
Ripley's Aquarium, ROM and local galleries and museums
UofT Medical Science lunch and learn
Hot Docs Film Festival

At Subway Academy II  you will achieve success through personalized and individualized learning experiences.

​​"Subway II gave me the opportunity and encouragement to embrace my individuality.  It helped me find the courage and the tenacity that it takes to swim against the current."

"I find the one-on-one sessions to be rather revolutionary in contrast to other schools I have attended. I cherish the freedom."

"Subway Academy II was virtually a lifesaver for our family. Students are guided towards independence in a unique environment that is demanding yet still flexible, equitable and accommodating and free of boundaries."

Visual Arts, Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity, Psychology Through Film, The Bike Shop, Fashion, Business and Marketing.   

Registration Information:
Semester 2 starts February 1st, 2019, and we have space!

To book an appointment to see if Subway II is a good fit, call us at 416-393-1445.

You will need an updated Credit Counselling Summary from your current/most recent school to register.

Timetable Structure:
Minimum of 3 days per week
Additional days for field trips, workshops and speakers
School opens at 8:30am
School closes at 1:30pm
"First come first serve" model - the earlier you get in the faster you finish

Subway Academy II

64 Baldwin Street, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5T 1L4

Trustee:  Ausma Malik

Student Body:
16 to 20 years old
but most are 18 years old
Grades 11 and 12
Minimum 18 credits
OSSLT (Literacy Test) Passed/Completed​
We are the only school in the TDSB that teaches all its courses in an Individualized Study Model
Academic, Applied, Mixed, Open, Credit Recovery, College, University, Workplace.  
90 students

Program Highlights

  • Individual attention and personalized learning
  • Flexible Schedule - minimum three days per week
  • Large open work environment with smaller breakout rooms; no formal classes/classroom structure
  • Ability to complete 4 courses or more per semester depending on how quickly you work through your courses.  Finish one credit and start another
  • Suitable for those going to post-secondary or how have commitments such as sports, work, family and cannot attend a mainstream or night school
  • Cultivation of responsibility, ownership, active learning, independence
  • Art, Canadian and World Studies, English, Family Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Law, Mathematics, First Nations, Metis and Inuit Studies, and Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Variety of ways to learn: experiential, hands-on, blended learning, "flipped classrooms"   
  • Strong community connections with Baldwin Village, Kensington Market, UofT, Ryerson, the Art Gallery of Ontario, and local businesses
  • Integration of technology in all courses
  • Lots of support from our Community members from resume workshops to Public Health workshops


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