Secondary Alternative Schools West

First, we threw down our best Sears Catalogue Model poses....

Special Events

International Film Nights
Annual Prom
Student-Led Conferences
Queer Straight Alliance (QSA)
Annual Food Handling Cert.

Hosts of Young Women's
Empowerment Group 
After school Literacy
& Numeracy Programs 

We went to Rattlesnake point on a beautiful fall day.

Registration Information

Contact the school directly to arrange
for tours or information.


  • Is North America's oldest public alternative secondary school, founded in 1968
  • Is a student-centred democratic school, offering a range of 11/12 university level courses.  Focused on Math / Sciences, the Visual Arts and Humanities, SEED provides a careful balance of individuation and community
  • Provides a warm and dynamic learning space where people who are passionate about learning can thrive
  • Emphasizes the values of equity, inclusivity, democracy, flexibility, and the acquisition of lifelong, transferable, critical skills
  • Believes in strong and supportive community, within & beyond school site

Hmm, let's look at what we've got.....

Student Body:

16 to 20 years old
Grades 11 & 12, College, Mixed and University level courses
90 students

885 Dundas Street East, 2nd Floor
Toronto, ON, M4M 1R4

The SEED 50th anniversary reunion video is available on Youtube. 

Trustee:  Jennifer Story

Curriculum Leader:  Liam Rodrigues
416-393-0564   ext. 30130

SEED is a diverse academic alternative community, dedicated to providing a free, democratic and constructivist learning experience.

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Timetable Information
Monday to Thursdays:  
10:00 am to 4:10pm 

Morning: two 80 min. blocks. 
Afternoon:  2 blocks 

1:25 to 4:10 pm 

Fridays:​ 10:30am to 2:40pm.
Fridays: 4 periods of 55 min each​

Ta Daaaaaa......! No word on whether any of the designs actually did keep an egg from breaking, though. 

Clubs / Groups

School Council
Student Run Kitchen
Nutrition/Snack Program


What our students say

​​​"SEED is a great place.  I love the community: friendly, relaxed, diverse, room for all." 

"The teachers are committed to seeing me succeed."

"SEED gave me a better learning environment.
The one I needed."

Then we went for a walk in the woods. The challenge? Collect organic material with which to construct a capsule or landing system designed to protect an egg dropped from 5 meters. 

Twisting and tieing.... (tying?)