Secondary Alternative Schools West

40 McArthur Street
Toronto, ON M9P 3M7

Trustee: Avtar Minhas

Student Body
14-20 years old
Grades 9 to 12
Academic, Applied, Mixed, Open, College, and University
65 students

SEE offers a 9 to 12 program designed to foster individual responsibility, curiosity, relevant learning, and community membership.

​​"While attending SEE, I came into my own, I made friends that I will have for life, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for my teachers.  This school changed my life, and I am forever grateful.  You have to SEE it to believe it."

"SEE was the safe-house where I started to believe in myself and was the place I started to imagine myself as a person in the real world."

"SEE school was invaluable in putting me on the right path."

School of Experential Learning 

New Courses
Food and Nutrition Program

Health for Life  

Curriculum Leader:  
Kristen Beach
416-394-6990 Ext. 30090

Thursday May 9, 2017 2-4 pm.
Call the school for details.

Program Highlights
Weekly Community Meetings
Classes Structured to allow for Student Work Time, Assignment Completion
Small Friendly Community Environment

Clubs / Groups
Student Council
Lunch Program

Special Events
​Graduation Ceremony
Field Trips
SEE Family Dinner

School starts at 9am / Ends at 3:10pm
4 periods a day
Friday start at 10:30 / Ends at 3:00pm
Weekly Community Meeting Fridays (30 minutes)