Secondary Alternative Schools West
132 St. Patrick Street, 1st Floor,
Toronto, ON, M5T 1V1    
T. 416-393-0945

Our Leadership Team

Admin Team and Alt9 Curriculum Leaders:

L to R - Front                                  L to R - Back 

Liam Rodrigues                              Joseph Ghassibe 

Alex Poulos                                     Bryan Pietersma

Ian Esquivel                                    Michael Gurgol 

Kristen Beach                                 Robert Rennick 

Sally Sinclair                                   Anna Gemmiti 

Miriam Silot                                   Grant Fawthrop 

                                                         Ian Vincent

                                                         Jason Smit​

From L to R:

​Grant Fawthrop - Principal

Miriam Silot - Office Administrator

Anna Gemmiti - Vice-Principal

Michael Gurgol - Vice-Principal

Manon Gardner
Executive Superintendent

Teaching and Learning, Alternative 


International Education

Anne Seymour



Learning Centre 3 


Secondary Alternative Schools West

Grant, Sally and the newest addition to the alt9 family, Poppy.

Our Administration Team 

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