Secondary Alternative Schools West

Grant, Sally and the newest addition to the alt9 family, Poppy.

Our Administration Team 

Secondary Alternative Schools West
132 St. Patrick Street, 1st Floor,
Toronto, ON, M5T 1V1    
T. 416-393-0945

Our Leadership Team

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Admin Team and Alt9 Curriculum Leaders:

L to R - Front                                  L to R - Back 

Liam Rodrigues                              Joseph Ghassibe 

Alex Poulos                                     Bryan Pietersma

Ian Esquivel                                    Michael Gurgol 

Kristen Beach                                 Robert Rennick 

Sally Sinclair                                   Anna Gemmiti 

Miriam Silot                                   Grant Fawthrop 

                                                         Ian Vincent

                                                         Jason Smit​

From L to R:

​Grant Fawthrop - Principal

Miriam Silot - Office Administrator

Anna Gemmiti - Vice-Principal

Michael Gurgol - Vice-Principal

Manon Gardner
Executive Superintendent

Teaching and Learning, Alternative 


International Education

Anne Seymour



Learning Centre 3