"At Inglenook, you don't feel like you are part of the cookie cutter process."
"I think what makes Inglenook so special is that it works so hard to make a community."
"Inglenook really prepared me for university."

Curriculum Leader:  Rob Rennick
416-393-0560 ext. 4

Special Events:

Forty years of community, compassion and creativity
Student talent coffee night
Parent potluck
Culture Day Field Trip
Special "theme lunches"

19 Sackville
Toronto, ON M5A 3E1

Trustee:  Chris Moise

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​Inglenook thrives on success through holistic learning
and community! ​


Student Council
Breakfast Club
Breakfast Program
Talking Circle Club

Gallery Club
Friends of the Nook


Program Highlights:

  • Programming for university and college bound students
  • Unique reach community program on Wednesdays
  • Visual arts focused programming
  • Credit Recovery
  • Wifi-notebooks
  • Using the city as a classroom through field trips
  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • Semestered programming


Secondary Alternative Schools West

Student Body:

15-20 years old
Grades 10 to 12
4 day academic week
1/2 day outreach program
liberal arts focus, class-based program
Academic, Applied, Mixed, Open, College, and University
80 students


Please call the school to schedule an appointment.  

Text https://m.facebook.com/inglenook1​

Q: What do Inglenook students do after high school? 

A: Whatever they want!

Rob chats with some 'nook alumni he meets by chance. Click on image to watch.

Timetable Structure:

4 periods a day
3 periods are 65 minutes
1 period is 130 minutes​
School starts at 9:00am
School ends at 3:25pm
Late start at 1:00 pm every Wednesday