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East York Alternative

East York offers an inclusive space where students flourish academically, socially, and in their personal growth, learning to appreciate connectedness to their peers, school community and the world.

Timetable Structure

Four - 80 minute periods a day
60 minute period on Fridays
School starts at 9:15am
School ends at 3:35pm
1:30 pm dismissal every Friday

Student Body

16-20 years old
Some Grade 10 credits
Focus on Grades 11 and 12
Academic, Applied, Mixed, Open, Credit Recovery, Co-op, College, University and Workplace.  
120 students


"The students who pass through EYA's doors have the strongest, most resilient and most caring community supporting them."  

"Coming here is, at least for me, a second chance to succeed. I would encourage anyone who is not doing great to at least try an alternative school."

"I was previously bullied at my other school, and I felt like I didn't belong there, and here it's just a completely different atmosphere, and everybody gets along, and it's a really positive environment. I find that the main difference here is that it's very nurturing."

670 Cosburn Avenue
Toronto, ON M4C 2V2

Curriculum Leader:  Harriet Whiteman
416-396-2925 ex. 2

​Trustee: Michelle Aarts


Community Council
After School Open Art Studio
Meditation Club
Peer Leaders
House Groups
Breakfast and Snacks
Hot Lunch
Knitting & Tea
Cooking Crew

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Special Events

Art Show
Iron Chef
Open House
Holiday Feast
Wellness Day
Talent Show & BBQ
Hallowe'en Haunt
Career Day


Program Highlights: 

  • Co-op 2-4 credits (flexible with paid & afternoon options)
  • OYAP - Youth Apprenticeship
  • Dual Credits - take a college course for free and earn high school credits at the same time
  • Examples of Interdisciplinary, Project-Based activities including: partnerships between English and Sociology, Law and Literature studies, and Art History and Human Behaviour
  • Visual Arts programming includes silkscreening and t-shirt design, art history and large scale installations
  • Social Justice focused & relevant Social Science courses
  • Math and Science credit requirements available in a supportive environment

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