Secondary Alternative Schools West

 Amazingly creative, amazingly authentic, amazingly courageous, and an amazingly devoted and caring son for his mother.
Jeremy graduated from Contact in 2017, and began his studies at OCADU - which he enjoyed immensely - the following year.
​We are all greatly saddened by the tragedy of his passing.

Special Events 

Solstice Celebrations
African Heritage Month Events
Mental Wellness Events
Open House
Various Speaker
Presentations from the Community
Welcome and Closing BBQ


Student Council &
​Leadership Council
Nutrition Program
Gay Straight Alliance
Intramural Table Tennis
Weekly Mentorship Groups

Timetable Structure:

Quadmestered Intake; semestered course structure
5 periods a day, 60 mins. period
Monday-Thursday 9:00am-3:00pm
Fridays 9:00am-12:20pm

We had our graduation ceremony last night (Thursday, Oct 21) and as usual it was an inspiring and moving experience. For us teachers, it is the apex of our relationship with our students, the reason we are here at Contact. Students, who in many cases never thought they would achieve this life milestone, receive the honours and congratulations they have worked so hard for, and leave with a renewed belief in themselves and a new sense of hope for the future. It truly is the best day of the year for all of us at Contact. Congratulations you guys, you did it! 

Jeremy Urbina was amazing:

Curriculum Leader:  Ian Vincent
416-393-1455 ext. 20011

132 St. Patrick, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5T 1V1

Trustee:  Stephanie Donaldson


Student Body: 

16-20 years old
Grades 10-12

(some grade 9

courses offered)

Helping students with College entry; some University entry

About 120 students

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Program Highlights 

  • Strong guidance and social services support to our students to help them deal with obstacles which may prevent them from achieving their full potential
  • A comprehensive Media Arts/Tech program
    ​using industry-standard software (Adobe Design Standard, Ableton Live) taught by an instructor with more than 10 years' experience in the Communications Industry.

  • Instruction that is multi-levelled, individualized, and that both recognizes and encourages different learning styles
  • To teach and practice social justice, both formally and informally, as the primary and fundamental value of our school community.
  • Broad opportunities for experiential education (including
    the opportunity to earn co-operative education credits in
    a variety of ways in or outside of school time)
  • A governance process that intentionally seeks to hear and
    ​ to be respectful of different voices in the local and broader school community (including students, teachers, support staff, administration, parents, trustees)
  • Nutrition program including breakfast and a lunch cooked and served by students.  

Find joy in learning again at Contact! A permanent CYC & Social Worker supports help students achieve success in all areas of their lives. We offer small classes, a caring & inclusive environment, and adapt to the unique needs of each student. Contact has vibrant Co-op, Credit Recovery & Extra Credit programs, a comprehensive digital media program with professional design and sound software, a strong Phys Ed program, and packaged courses that help students earn compulsory credits in a more engaging manner.


Contact is currently taking registrations by appointment.  Please call to make an appointment: 416 393 1455.

Please have your guidance counsellor email a Credit Counselling summary to or

You will need to bring: a Credit Counselling summary, a completed registration package (this can be emailed to you ahead of time), a Health Card, and a copy of your IEP (if applicable). If you are under 18 years, you will also need to have a guardian accompany you.

Graduation: Class of 2018


​​"Contact has given me opportunities I didn't have at other schools.  I'm getting credits and doing paid co-op and I get tons of help from staff whenever I need it."

"The teachers at Contact are patient, understanding and easy to relate to. They try hard to understand where you are coming from."

"Everyone is welcoming at Contact. You can really be yourself. You get support whenever you need it, for school, life issues, work ... anything."