Registration Info:

Open House dates available here

Application Process:

1. Attend a Virtual Open House
2. An email will be sent to you with registration forms
3. Complete and return (by email) the forms. Be sure to include your Credit Counselling Summary and your IEP (if you have one). Due one week after the open house. 
4. Wait for the application committee to email you the admissions decision. This will take approximately 5 days from the receipt of your application. 

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Timetable Structure 

  •  School hours: 9:00 to 3:20
  • 4 periods per day; five days per week:
  • Three periods of 75 min per day, 5 days per week
  • One period of 90 min per day, 4 days per week
  • Friday Community Service block tied to curriculum


  • Co-Op Education 11/12
  • Green Industries 10
  • Fashion & Design 11/12
  • Integrated Arts 11/12

Program Highlights 

  • EcoSchool with Platinum status; emphasis on environmental awareness and activism
  • Living Curriculum: extending course relevance through field trips, conferences, and guest speakers
  • Academic courses (Math, English, and Science) for students heading to college or university
  • Practical communication courses: Photography, Writers Craft and Film Studies​
  • Students learn through experience by organizing workshops and developing community projects
  • School Facilities: Library/Resource Room, Student Centre, Gym, Guidance, Rehearsal Space
  • Nutrition Program (breakfast)
  • On-Campus Amenities: recreation facilities, dance studio, and café

Clubs / Groups

  • Student Council
  • Nutrition
  • Eco Schools
  • Program Advisory Council
  • Living Well Committee
  • D & D Old School
  • Student Newspaper ​(The View)
  • Yearbook


Student ​Community:

  • 14-20 years old
  • Diverse backgrounds
  • LGBTQ+
  • Grades 9-12
  • Academic, University, Mixed, Open
  • 80-120 students

City School

As a Platinum EcoSchool, City School’s mission is to ensure that youth engage critically in their own academic and personal growth by exploring socially relevant issues, examining diverse perspectives, and taking part in a friendly, nurturing and open community. We stress the importance of social justice, environmental awareness and informed citizenship, and provide students with a window on the world that is global and green.

City School

635 Queens Quay West, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5T 1V1

Curriculum Leader: Les Bunbury


Secondary Alternative Schools West

What our students say

“I find we have a very accepting environment in our school, which makes everyone comfortable with who they are”.

“At this school, I was given a new perspective on learning and society in general, I am a completely changed person and would never go back to mainstream thinking for the world.”

“Going here for an extra year definitely put me in my place. It was humbling, eye-opening, encouraging, and inspiring.”

“Best school in Toronto. It offers relatable courses that can be used in life, and REALLY helps students set up their post-secondary options. Teachers are amazing and truly care about each of their students.”