What our students say

"At City School, teachers will listen to students, and as a whole, the student body and staff can collectively make decisions."

"The staff and students go above and beyond when organizing school initiatives."

"At City School they show you the steps, but it is fully up to the student to take the lead and essentially fly to success."  

635 Queens Quay West, 3rd Floor
Toronto, ON M5T 1V1

Trustee:  Ausma Malik

Curriculum Leader: Joseph Ghassibe

City School

We went to Queen's Park!


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Timetable Structure 

5 periods a day
1st period = 80 minutes
2nd - 5th periods = 60 mins each
School starts at 9:00am
School ends at 3:20pm
12:55pm dismissal every Friday


Gr 11 Biology (SBI3U)
Gr 11 Designing Your Future (GWL3O)
Gr 11 Travel and Tourism (CGG3O)
Gr 11 & 12 Physics (SPH3U/4U)

Program Highlights 

  • EcoSchool with Platinum status; emphasis on environmental awareness and green practice
  • Living Curriculum: extending course relevance through field trips, conferences, and guest speakers
  • Academic courses (Math, English, and Science) for students heading to college or university
  • Practical communication courses: Photography, Writing, Media Studies, Audio and Video Production
  • Students learning through experience: organizing workshops and developing community projects
  • Opportunities for students to shape curriculum
  • On-site Facilities: Library, Gym and Guidance
  • On-Campus Amenities: recreation facilities, dance studio, and cafe

Clubs / Groups

New Nutrition Program! - Morning Breakfast Snack.
Student Council
EcoSchool Committee

Student Body:
14-20 years old
Grades 9-12
Academic, College, Open, Mixed, and University
140 students

City School

ensures that youth engage critically in their own academic and personal growth by exploring socially relevant issues, examining diverse local and global perspectives, and participating in an open, friendly and inclusive community.


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